The following is required in accordance with the Public Sector Commissioner's Circular 2012-05: Code of Practice: Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian Public Sector (.

Minimum requirements for annual reports 2017 to 2018

The requirements for annual reports are for the 2016 calendar year and the 2016-17 financial year.

  • A statement of the agency’s commitment to occupational safety and health and injury management with an emphasis on Executive commitment.
  • A description of the formal mechanism for consultation with employees on occupational safety and health matters.
  • A statement of compliance with the injury management requirements of the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 including the development of return to work plans.
  • A statement confirming that an assessment of the occupational safety and health management system has been completed (within the past five years or sooner depending on the risk profile of the agency) using a recognised assessment tool and reporting the percentage of agreed actions completed.

A report of performance against the following targets -

Targets for reporting performance
Indicator Target
Number of fatalities Zero (0)
Lost time injury/disease (LTI/D) incidence rate Zero (0) or 10% improvement on the previous three (3) years
Percentage of injured workers returned to work within (i) 13 weeks and (ii) 26 weeks Greater than or equal to 80% return to work within 26 weeks
Percentage of managers and supervisors trained in occupational safety, health and injury management responsibilities Greater than or equal to 80%

A template for performance reporting is available for agencies to utilise in annual reporting.

Optional requirements for annual reports

The following is a list of occupational safety, health (OSH) and injury management information that agencies may also wish to include in annual reports. This list is not exhaustive, but simply a guide to the type of information that may be included:

  • A overview of the agency’s OSH and injury management systems
  • New initiatives for the year
  • Awards
  • Critical incidents
  • Prosecutions
  • Incident, accident, lost time injury trends
  • Number of elected safety and health representatives trained
  • Frequency of OSH Committee meetings

Further information

The Code of Practice on Occupational Safety and Health for the Western Australian Public Sector states that workplace leaders should report agency occupational safety, health and injury management performance in an agency's Annual Report, including performance against the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-22.

The Public Sector Commissioner's Circular 2012-05: Code of Practice: Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian Public Sector stipulates all agencies are required to report on their occupational safety and health performance, policies and initiatives in their annual reports. Please refer to the guidelines attached to the Circular.

Safe Work Australia has produced a guidance publication on occupational safety and health reporting in annual reports.

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