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WorkSafe operates, provides information and supports a variety of community education and outreach programs. Learn more about how WorkSafe's initiatives can assist in creating a safe and healthy work environment (opens in new window).


WorkSafe holds lunchtime information sessions throughout the metropolitan area. These sessions are free of charge and cover a range of occupational safety and health topics. To find out more about the lunchtime information sessions and other WorkSafe events and activities visit the events page of the WorkSafe website (opens in new window).


WorkSafe provides several online resources (opens in new window) including the SafetyLine Institute, Planet ThinkSafe, SmartMove and the WorkSafe library resources. Publications (opens in new window) including Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes, bulletins, fact sheets, safety and health alerts, booklets, brochures, guides and information sheets can be downloaded.

The WorkSafe Plan (opens in new window) is also available on the website. The WorkSafe Plan is an assessment process that rates safety and health management systems and directs attention to areas that could be improved. The WorkSafe Plan is not intended to prescribe how to manage safety and health, but to provide a systemic way of measuring how well it is being managed.

Learn about safety and health topics

WorkSafe works with employers, employees and employee representatives to set up and maintain systems of work so that employees are not exposed to hazards. WorkSafe has seven safety priorities (opens in new window): mobile plant; manual tasks (particularly lifting); electricity; work at heights; slips, trips and falls; hazardous substances and machine guarding.


WorkSafe's Community Education Officers are able to answer queries and conduct workplace presentations on a range of issues.  They can be contacted on Subscribe to the WorkSafe email list (opens in new window) to receive regular up to date information.

WorkSafe also has an enquiry line: 1300 307 877.

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