National standards, codes of practice and guidance notes

A code of practice is defined in the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (opens in new window) as a document prepared for the purpose of providing:

  • Practical advice on preventive strategies; and
  • Practical means of achieving any code, standard, rule, provision or specification relating to occupational safety and health.

Western Australia approved codes of practice on occupational safety and health topics are available on WorkSafe's website (opens in new window).

A guidance note is an explanatory document providing detailed information on the requirements on legislation, regulations, standards, codes of practice or matters relating to occupational safety and health, as approved by the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health.

National standards and codes of practice are not legally enforceable unless State and Territory Governments adopt them as regulation or codes of practice under their principal occupational safety and health Acts.

An index of national occupational safety and health standards, codes of practice and guidance notes are available on the Safe Work Australia website (opens in new window). 

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