In Western Australia, the principal legislation governing workers' compensation and injury management is the Workers' Compensation Injury Management Act 1981 (opens in new window). It provides for:

  • Compensation of workers who suffer a work related injury or for certain dependents of those workers where the death of an employee results from such an injury;
  • Management of workers' injuries with the objective of enabling a return to work;
  • Specialised retaining programs for certain injured workers;
  • Promotion of safety measures to minimise the occurrence of injuries; and
  • The resolution of workers' compensation disputes.

Effective injury management practices are essential components in ensuring an efficient Government sector that governs all Western Australians in an open, effective manner for a sustainable future. By effectively managing injuries at work, Western Australian public sector agencies can assist their employees' recovery and reduce the social and economic costs that result when an employee is away from the workforce.

Injury management is “the management of workers’ injuries in a manner that is directed at enabling injured workers to return to work” (Section 5 of the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981). It is the responsibility of employers and injured workers to cooperate in this process, where it is medically supported.

Workers' compensation in Western Australia

WorkCover WA is responsible for administering a number of Acts and regulations affecting the provision of workers' compensation and injury management in Western Australia. The website of the State Law Publisher (opens in new window) provides links to the relevant Acts and regulations, as well as to the gazetted Dispute Resolution Directorate (DRD) Rules:

Principal Act Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981

Principal Regulation

Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Regulations 1982
Code of Practice Workers' Compensation Code of Practice (Injury Management) 2005
Legal Cost Determination Workers' Compensation (Legal Practitioners and Registered Agents) (DRD) Costs Determination 2015
Medical and Allied Health Fees (including approved medical specialists)

Workers' Compensation and Injury Management (Scales of Fees) Regulations 1998

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