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WorkSafe WA

WorkSafe operates, provides information and supports a variety of community education and outreach programs. Learn more about how WorkSafe's initiatives can assist in creating a safe and healthy work environment.

WorkSafe holds lunchtime information sessions throughout the metropolitan area. These sessions are free of charge and cover a range of occupational safety and health topics. To find out more about the lunchtime information sessions and other WorkSafe events and activities visit the events page of the WorkSafe website.

WorkSafe provides several online resources including the SafetyLine Institute, Planet ThinkSafe, SmartMove and the WorkSafe library resources. Publications including Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes, bulletins, fact sheets, safety and health alerts, booklets, brochures, guides and information sheets can be downloaded.

The WorkSafe Plan is also available on the website. The WorkSafe Plan is an assessment process that rates safety and health management systems and directs attention to areas that could be improved. The WorkSafe Plan is not intended to prescribe how to manage safety and health, but to provide a systemic way of measuring how well it is being managed.

WorkSafe works with employers, employees and employee representatives to set up and maintain systems of work so that employees are not exposed to hazards. WorkSafe has seven safety priorities: mobile plant; manual tasks (particularly lifting); electricity; work at heights; slips, trips and falls; hazardous substances and machine guarding.

WorkCover WA

WorkCover WA holds information sessions on injury management and workers' compensation.  WorkCover WA's training and events calendar provides a comprehensive list of relevant workers' compensation and injury management training and events. 

Visit or contact WorkCover WA for information on injury management:

  • WorkCover WA's website contains a wide range of publications, resources and forms to support workers’ compensation and injury management.
  • WorkCover WA's Advice and Assistance service, available by phoning 1300 794 744, consists of Advisory Officers who can provide guidance and assistance to all parties within the workers’ compensation system.

WorkCover WA has a number of useful resources on its website to assist service providers and health providers. Please click on the relevant link below to access the required information.

Publications for health providers
Publications for service providers 
Worker publications
Employer publications

Insurance Commission of Western Australia

Insurance Commission of Western Australia is a statutory corporation and Government Trading Enterprise owned by the Western Australian Government. They are the State’s insurer providing injury insurance to motorists and self-insurance to Government.

They focus on delivering efficient and equitable insurance services to WA motorists and Government authorities. 

Along with providing motor vehicle injury insurance for over 1 million drivers and over 2 million vehicles in Western Australia, the Insurance Commission of Western Australia covers over 169 Western Australian public authorities for workers' compensation, property and liability.

Visit for more information or to access the available resources.

You may further wish to contact them on 9264 3333 to talk to an officer from Insurance Commission of Western Australia for more information on:

  • training
  • workshop facilitation
  • draft policies and procedures
  • consultancy in a range of related areas.

Mental Health Commission

The Mental Health Commission produces a range of reports and resources to help inform and educate the community and the mental health, alcohol and other drug workforce.

Visit their website on to access the resources.

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