Mentally healthy workplaces

The Western Australian Government is committed to supporting people who have mental health problems or illness and has endorsed Mental Health 2020: Making it personal and everybody’s business.  

This forms part of the Mental Health Commission’s ten year strategic plan. The Mental Health Commission’s vision is to achieve an environment where everyone works together to encourage and support people who experience mental health problems or illness to stay in the community, out of hospital and live a meaningful life.

The strategy recognises that employment helps individuals build a satisfying life even while experiencing mental health problems or mental illness and highlights the important role of employers in creating a mentally healthy community that supports recovery and social inclusion.

A resource has been developed for WA public sector chief executive officers and managers to highlight the importance of good mental health in the workplace and how you can support your employees through effective workforce management strategies.

The resource can be accessed here.

WorkCover Queensland has provided organisations with a tool - People at Work survey to implement a psychosocial risk management approach and it can be accessed here.

Visit the website of WorkCover Queensland for more information on the People at Work process which aims to help organisations identify and manage workplace risks to the psychological health of all the people who work in the organisation.

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