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About CEO Performance Agreements

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Performance Agreement Framework supports high performance leadership and clear accountability across the public sector. The framework is the responsibility of the Public Sector Commission and information can be found on the CEO Performance Agreement section (opens in new window) of their website.

Since 2011-12, public sector agencies have had the ability to include safety and injury management initiatives in public sector CEO Performance Agreements. Specifically, section 2: Contribution to sector-wide initiatives - Enhancing the public sector workforce:

Implementing strategies and developing management systems to improve wellbeing, safety, health and injury management outcomes.

Initiatives for the CEO Performance Agreements

Safety and injury management practices in the Western Australia public sector can only be improved with demonstrated commitment and action by CEOs and their leadership teams.

A CEO committing to actions within their Performance Agreement sends a strong message to staff that their health and wellbeing is valued. The inclusion also focuses agency action on reducing the cost of work related injury and delivering better services to the community.

In order for safety and injury management practices to improve, CEOs need take on the role of safety champion for their agency and walk the talk by including deliverables in their Performance Agreement.

Performance agreements can be used as a mechanism to highlight or obtain action on key safety and health initiatives. Actions within the agreement should be relevant to the size and nature of the agency.


The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has produced an Information Sheet which provides a simple guide to including a safety and injury management agency-level initiative within the agreement template.

The Government Leaders, Safety Leaders publication (opens in new window) is a Safe Work Australia (opens in new window) publication which provides practical actions that a CEO and executive team can undertake to ensure a safe environment for your staff and clients.


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