The Western Australian Government acknowledges the importance of Government providing leadership to achieve better occupational safety and health and injury management outcomes within its own workforce.   As part of the Government's commitment to Priority Five of the National Occupational Health and Safety Strategy 2002-2012, the former Premier Dr Gallop announced the Government Leading the Way in Public Sector Safety, Health and Injury Management  initiative designed to reinforce the importance of public sector agencies improving their safety, health and injury management outcomes. Then in 2012, in support of the national vision,  the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy was endorsed to 2022 on the guiding principal that all workers, regardless of occupation, have the fundamental right to be free from the risk of workplace death, injury and illness. 

National Vision

Australian workplaces free of death, injury and disease.

National Targets

The strategy has set the following national targets to be achieved by 2022:

  1. The reduction of workplace death due to injury by 20 per cent;
  2. The reduction by 30 per cent of workplace injury resulting in one or more weeks off work;
  3. The reduction of overall body-stressing injuries by 30 per cent.

The Government's initiative Government Leading the Way in Public Sector Safety, Health and Injury Management is an example of how we can work together to develop a culture within the Western Australian public sector that advocates and supports a workplace free of work-related injuries and diseases.

This initiative is designed to promote the Western Australian public sector as a leader in safety, health and injury management by fostering a coordinated approach across public sector agencies.  Further information is available on the work of the Steering Committee.

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